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About Us

We take a comprehensive approach to helping clients resolve their financial hardships. This includes an assessment of all financial issues. We believe that it is in your best interest to evaluate your needs in all areas including debt, loan mitigation, lender litlgation, mortgage restructuring and products that aid in your ability to address unplanned events rather than focus on one particular service like so many other companies..

We have the following sub specialties and design a program unique to you whether you have one problem area or all:

1. A Debt Modification Team: focused on finding the best way to get out of unsecured debt.

2. A Real Estate Financing Team: focusing on helping you decide what's best regarding your housing situation. We do not push you into a specific product, we do a thorough assessment of your housing situation and provide resonable options for your short and long term needs.

3. Distressed Housing and/or Foreclosure Defense: Millions of Americans, through no fault of their own, now find themselves in a property that's worth less than they owe, and may even find themselves facing foreclosure. Even after numerous attempts to work with your lender, you find yourself getting nowhere. Our national network of attorneys can use the legal system to mitigate and if necessary, sue your lender to get you a permanent housing resolution.

4. Financial Educators: LGR Consultants are dedicated to helping the American family build greater financial strength by making basic changes in their habits and choices. Our family of companies has been helping people resolve financial challenges and create plans that provide for increased savings, reduced debt and wiser daily spending choices for years. We do this by providing easy-to-understand programs to help build financial strength and safety for you and your family, regardless of how much money you have or make.









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